One Of One Lyocell

An eco-friendly fabric that provides exceptional comfort, whilst also being pretty great for the planet. It is composed of wood cellulose and processed with softening substances, to provide a silky feel much like viscose.

It has been given the name of a ¨miracle fabric” by many luxury brands thanks to it being breathable, strong, and gentle on skin. It is stretchy yet retains its shape, and is highly efficient at absorbing moisture – making it a choice option for leisurewear.


A specialised type of modal that is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage, Micromodal – as the name suggests, uses a finer fiber. Because the fibers are smaller it can be woven together incredibly closely for a superior softness and comfortability.

The primary constituent is cellulose from hardwood trees. Micromodal is usually reserved for garments in which optimum softness is desired, as well as lightness and breathability making it perfect for activewear and warmer climates, giving this fabric a near-mythical status amongst luxury leisurewear enthusiasts.

This fabric is considered to be the cashmere of processed materials and best of all it doesn’t pill – one of the biggest wardrobe frustrations and concerns for the overall lifespan of a garment.

One Of One Micromodal


One Of One One One One Cotton

Local to our factories in Portugal, this indigenous plant grows fruitfully nearby and therefor we are able to reduce transportation emissions and provide you with the most soft and breathable fabric we all know and love at a lowered environmental cost.